Watermelon bean drum processing technology

Watermelon bean pods are mellow, soft and refreshing, with a long aftertaste and sweet back. They have a strong aroma of ester and a strong scent of sauce. They are very popular with consumers. Its nutrient-rich, analyzed, amino acid 0.76%, total acid 2.79%, chloride 11.93%, 10.8% reducing sugar, moisture 46.1%. The production of watermelon pods is based on selected soybeans, flours, and fine varieties of watermelons. It is made from natural yellow koji and watermelon juice and mixed with natural fermentation. 1. The raw material ratio is 38 kg of soybeans and 28.5 kg of flour. Accessories salt 12.5 kg, Chen Pi silk 5 grams, 62.5 liters of watermelon juice, ginger 0.75 kilograms, fennel 5 grams. 2. Operation steps (1) Soak beans Wash soybeans with clean water, remove floating soil impurities, remove and place in the cylinder, add fresh water for 3 to 4 hours. (2) Steamed Soybeans are soaked in atmospheric pressure for 3 to 4 hours, so that they can be squeezed with fingers to form a cake. (3) The traditional method of making koji steamed beans is based on the natural growth and reproduction of natural Aspergillus flavus. Steamed soybeans and flour mixed evenly, set a table on the bench about 3 cm thick, at room temperature to maintain 28 ~ 30 °C, product temperature control at 35 ~ 37 °C is appropriate. One day later, the first turn was made in block form. After that, the second song was turned about 6 hours. After 3 days of incubation, all the yellow bean curds were fresh yellowish brownish. After the song was sundried in the hot sun. (4) Prepare quail fermentation mix watermelon juice with salt, ginger dicedine, chenpi silk, and fennel, then mix in dry pea yellow, heat and infiltrate in sunlight under the sunlight, dissolve all the salt, and dilute the consistency. When the cylinder seal heat preservation fermentation for 40 to 50 days, that is to produce watermelon beans dare finished products. (5) Finished product features fresh color, bean paste mixed state, taste refreshing, rich flavor back sweet, smell soft, stomachic meals.

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