Watermelon grows long and promotes melon production

1. Control fertilizers and control water. If nitrogen fertilizer is used in excess and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are insufficient, it is easy to make the plants long, and the use of fertilizer and water is not properly mastered during the period of use, and it is easy to cause leggy. If the fertilizer and water are too large before sitting on a cucumber, the nutrient concentrates to supply the vine leaves, and the flowers and fruits do not receive enough nutrition during pregnancy. Controlling fertilizer and water can prevent the watermelons from becoming longer and make the growth center shift to reproductive aspects in time to promote results.

2. Rain and more drainage. When the weather is continuous and rainy, we must pay close attention to clearing the land, deepen the drainage of vertical and horizontal channels, reduce the amount of water in the field, change the permeability of the soil, and promote melon root vitality.

3. Plant adjustments. Through pruning, pressure vines, picking and other measures to adjust the watermelon plant, control vigorous vegetative growth, can promote early flowering, early melon. Before sitting on the melon vines near the head pressure, that is, deep pressure, pressure or with a larger piece of soil pressure in the melon vine near the growth point of about 2 cm, can control the growth of melon vines. In addition, when the melon fetus grows to the size of the egg, in order to save nutrients, can be used to control the growth of melon vines; if there is a tendency to grow plants, can be in the female flower bud before the fifth to six leaves at the growth point, so that the concentration of nutrition Supply female flower development.

4. Chemical regulation. When the watermelon vine grows to 50 to 60 cm, spraying paclobutrazol can inhibit the growth of melon vines and side vines and prevent leggy; in the growth of watermelon, 1% superphosphate calcium leaching solution can be used to spray 1 or 2 times, controlling excessive growth.

5. Promote sitting melon. For flowering female flowers, choose dry sunny dew and artificial pollination. When the female flower is to be sprayed, it will be sprayed with the fruit-setting spirit, or during the opening period of the female flower of watermelon, it will be sprayed with the booster element, which can promote the watermelon to sit.

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