Ways to improve the watermelon rate

First, timely and temperature-dependent pollination of watermelon after flowering, in sunny conditions, pollen vitality can last for about 3 hours. It should be in good weather, pollination began around 8:00 am, as far as possible after 11 pm to finish the powder, when the temperature of the shed exceeds 33 °C, should let the wind cool.
Second, gently melon guava anti-mung melon plants appear long, stem vines thick, young melons grow slowly after sitting, it is very prone to melon phenomenon. If the end of the young melon, that is, near the growing point, is gently pinched from the stem of the 2-3 leaves of the young melon, so that the vine can be pinched and flattened, which can reduce the transport of nutrients to the growing point and prevent the melon from growing.
Third, the stem vines at the right time to pick up the heart For the vigorous growth of the plant, you need to the size of the young melon bowl, melon skin color slightly darkened when the cranberry can pick up the heart. Plants that grow vigorously tend to pick up too early and are prone to cracking melons and reducing the rate of becoming melons.

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