What complementary food can your baby eat?

Ripe banana

The banana is slippery, soft and fresh. It is the nutritious initial food that babies like. It's nutrition is also higher than shell food and it doesn't cause allergic reactions. You can try to get some banana puree on the spoon or finger. When you feed your child, you will find that he will eat it very quickly and eat in his own special high chair with a tray. Then you can put the tiny amount of food he wants to eat on the tray. He eats himself, and if he seems to need help (and doesn't oppose it), then you can occasionally help him to hold a spoon, but don't try to feed him and destroy his preferences.

If you are not interested in the baby just a few times, you can stop for a while and try to give it to him again, because sometimes the baby will not be interested in food until eight or nine months ago. If the baby is healthy, do not worry, because your mother's milk is sufficient to maintain his nutrition until he receives food. Continue feeding him food and maintaining a pleasant attitude. Don't be angry or frustrated because sometimes he refuses to accept food. You know, baby is also social, sometimes he may like to eat with his family instead of using another time, and then imitate adults to eat. So you can also put his little chair next to you and let him imitate. You can put the banana in his tray, or you can just take it from your plate. Then he will eat more happily.

If the baby doesn't like bananas, it can be both nutritious and sweet, but it's best to cook it whole to preserve the nutrition.

In addition, there is a choice of avocado, which is the same softness as banana and contains higher iron and vitamins. It is used for cutting one tablet at a time. The rest is even kept in the refrigerator.

Baby corn chips

You may be skeptical that we suggest that you use bananas as a starting point instead of corn flakes. Baby corn chips are finely processed, and they have little nutrition without the addition of iron and other vitamins. Although the amount of iron in breast milk is very low, most people mistakenly believe that breast-fed infants need additional iron or enhanced iron-containing foods.

According to Dr. William Schells's advice: Although breastmilk is not as irony as other foods, its iron is more lively and easier to absorb. Recent studies have pointed out that too early feeding of complementary foods will reduce the amount of iron absorbed from breast milk.

Why doctors always recommend using corn bran tablets as the first food for infants before, because they don't understand that the iron in breastmilk is completely absorbed by the infant, and the other main reason may be that corn bran tablets have been used habitually for centuries. The first food used to be a baby.

Meat and other protein foods

Meat is rich in iron and protein, and it can be given after giving him food, but if it is vegetarian, it may be replaced with other tofu. Stewed meat, ground beef, or easily torn silk, chicken, duck, goose, etc., which can also be mixed with gravy or hot boiled water, are easier to bite. When using baby meat, consider using a grinder, food, etc. Processing machine or baby food grinder. If your baby doesn’t like meat at first, try it out by mixing it with something he’s already familiar with or his banana mud, mashed potatoes, or avocados.

Many babies prefer unstimulated flavor tofu, which can be cut into small cubes to make babies eat in a fun and nutritious way. If you mix it with other familiar foods, the taste of other foods is even better.

When you try a kind of meat for your child, you only need one type for a week, and you can pack one packet and one packet in a freezer, so if your family's food is not suitable for the food he eats, you can Quickly and easily change to another.

Whole wheat bread and wheat flour

A small slice of roasted whole wheat bread can be easily handed to the baby and eaten during dinner or dinner. It is easy to bite. Make sure that the instructions on the label do not include eggs, milk, sugar or other ingredients. Food, what you haven't let him taste. No sugar, fructose, or fresh milk is used to cook whole-grain glutinous rice cakes. This is a good food for infants, because babies are less gluttony, and some like odorless rice and pasta.

The commercially available baby wheat flour is expensive and does not look like it is nutritious at home. If your family is genetically allergic to wheat or corn, you can replace it with rice or oats and wait until later to try the wheat food, or add a bit of banana puree to be more easily accepted in his new food. . When your baby is accustomed to whole-wheat bread and you don't have an allergic reaction, you can add bread with nutritious peanut butter, butter and other foods (Note: things like peanut butter, butter, etc. can only be applied to Bread or biscuits for the baby to eat, can not eat a tablespoon of a tablespoon alone to prevent choking can not breathe.) When the baby grows up can be added with cheese or other food, do not give the baby to eat so-called help the baby teeth Hard biscuits, because the biscuits are full of mouthfuls of food and contain sugar, fructose, and preservatives, which are not what babies need.