What happens to fruit trees when they suffer freezing damage this year?

Fruit trees: The root cover of the roots is early this year due to snowfall. It is nearly one month ahead of normal snowfall. The fruit trees have not fallen into normal dormancy and have poor anti-freezing ability, and some fruit tree species have not strong cold resistance, especially peaches. Some late-maturing varieties, such as apples, stop growing late and are more likely to cause frost damage in fruit trees.

Ma Wenhui, director of the Research Office of the Shijiazhuang Orchard Research Institute, analyzed five types of frost damage in early winter, including cold damage of shoots, freezing injury of branches, freeze damage of branches, freezing injury of roots and necks, and freezing injury of roots, and put forward six preventive measures.

Clear the snow on the trees in time, shake the branches timely and reduce the weight of the leaves. After the snow, smoke, frost, and heavy snow, the evening of clear snow should be in the park, with 6 heaps per acre orchard warming up, until the next day the sun comes out and stop smoking at around 8 o'clock, continuous 2-3 nights, there is very Good cold and anti-frost effects. The roots of the fruit trees are covered with soil, and after the snow, the trees are planted around the tree plates. The height of the soil is 20-25 cm. When the temperature rises in the early spring, the soil will open and the frozen roots of fruit trees will be reduced. The tree is bandaged, wrapped with straw rope around the main trunk, main branch, or tied with straw to protect the cold. Pouring frozen water and timely filling the fruit trees with winter water before freezing in the snow can not only be used for winter water, but also prevent spring drought, so that the ground temperature during the winter can be kept relatively stable. The trunk is painted white, and the trunk and main branches of fruit trees are evenly painted with a whitening agent to make the temperature of the tree stable. It can also kill germs, eggs and adults hidden in the trunk.

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