What is chicken soup?

Chicken lick refers to a kind of abnormal habits such as licking, licking, licking, licking, licking, quail, and appendix, etc. Ribs, taro, and pupae are the most common. Rimmes are more common in chickens during peak egg production, diarrhea, and rectal prolapse; paralyzed feathers often occur at the peak of egg production and during the molting period; quail eggs generally appear in high-yielding chickens that produce eggs; and the toes include chick toes, When the rooster fights, it is crowned and cricketed, and its chicken invades the ticks of the diseased chicken in the foot. It can be seen that this quail is a more complex syndrome of multiple diseases that is caused by disorders in the metabolic functions of chickens. Only adopting comprehensive technical measures and taking precautions can prevent the economy that can be recovered. loss.

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