What is the child's fever?

Fever is a symptom of many diseases in children. The metabolism of children is accelerated during fever, and the consumption of nutrients and water is greatly increased. At this time, the secretion of digestive juice is reduced, the digestive power is weakened, and the gastrointestinal motility is slowed down. Therefore, the children’s dietary principles of fever, the first is to provide adequate moisture, the second to add a lot of inorganic salts and vitamins, the third to supply the right amount of heat and protein, but also to liquid and semi-liquid diet, eat less, eat more .

1, liquid diet

(l) Milk can supply children with protein. If you add some rice soup, you can supply some carbohydrates for children.

(2) rice soup rice boiled to the residue, water is sufficient to facilitate gastrointestinal absorption in children.

(3) mung bean soup mung bean cool, there is the role of heat detoxification and heatstroke.

(4) Fresh fruit juice:

1 watermelon juice, used in summer. There is the role of heat and heat, quench thirst, diuretic, Chufan.

2 fresh pear juice, autumn and winter use, there are lungs, pure heart, cough, sputum and other effects.

3 fresh orange juice, dampness, phlegm, Qingfei, collateral effect.

(5) lotus root meal, almond meal, milk replacer and other nutritional rice noodles.

2, semi-liquid diet

Such as porridge, eggs, noodle soup and so on. In the acute phase of illness, liquid foods are used more often, and semi-liquid foods are often used during the recovery period or the fever period. The appetite of children with fever is not good, do not force feeding, but pay attention to add water. Do not suddenly increase the food he has not eaten during the fever period of the child to avoid diarrhea.

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