What is the reason that jujube does not result? How to prevent?

First, the tree is too busy. It can be circularly peeled at the base of the main branch at the full flowering period of the jujube tree, reaching deep into the xylem. The width is about 0.5 cm. It is roughly how thick the bark is.

Second, no pollination tree is configured. For jujube varieties such as Zihong jujube, pollination varieties generally need to be configured, otherwise the result rate is low. Jujube trees can be grafted pollination varieties on the upper branches of the jujube tree. Third, jujube dry weather during flowering, female flowers stigma viscosity decreased, easy to lose activity, affect pollination and fertilization, the rate of decline. In the flowering period, the jujube trees can be sprayed with water to increase the humidity around 8-10 am and 5 pm.

We could undertake custom development,custom manufacturing for various organic chemicals,special chemicals intermediates and raw materials, ranging from g, kg to 100-ton-level clinical and mass production products.Volsen not only owns more than 10 years commercial production experiences of common products, but also owns a professional custom synthesis team, it makes up for developing issue of production team,production experiences issue of research team. realized the most efficient combination of production and R&D. We can conduct process optimization to the technology provided by our customers, as well as carry out new process development for product provided by them.

The target of Custom synthesis

1. Provide customers with integrated services throughout the life cycle of the product in areas such as agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals chemicals.

2. Production enlargement, Continuous Process development

3. Continuous quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency optimization.

The Advantage of Custom synthesis

1.High efficient, rich experience and full of innovative professional R & D team.

2.Advanced research and development equipment, flexible pilot plant,improved production facilities

3.Professional project management personnel, a sound project management system.

4.The tailored customized production help customers to reduce the cost of money and time.

Mode of Custom synthesis
1.Conduct process optimization to the technology provided by our customers

2. Carry out new process development for product provided by them.

The process of customized business:

1) Complete the project analysis and respond to customers in three days after received a single customer consultation;

2) Two parties confirm the quality specification as the final quality standards.

3) R&D department starts to research, synthesis.Give weekly report to customer about project progress.

4) Customer confirms the sample, later,we provided details of production schedule.

5) Two parties signed the contract.

6) After finished, QA department make a analysis.

7) Customer acceptance of products by qualified finished.

Confidential Commitment

Keep Strictly confidential of client projects is one of our business criteria, we will put the confidentiality on the height of strategic development. We conduct strictly confidentiality measures and workflows.If necessary, may enter into a confidentiality contract. We are willing to work closely with customers at home and abroad to develop the production of new chemical products.No matter what the issue.We are ready to serve you faithfully.

Contract Manufacturing

Chemical Product Customization, Customized Pharmaceutical Products, Pharmaceutical Customization

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