What to do if trees suffer

Convective weather is more likely to occur in summer and there is more rain, and trees are easily damaged. If they are not saved in time, they can easily cause death of trees. The salvage points are described below:
First, timely drainage and timely drainage are the first steps to save the affected trees. Because the trees are in a state of water immersion for a long time, the water content in the soil is too high, and the lack of oxygen causes roots of the trees to be unable to perform normal breathing, which inevitably leads to root rot and death. Drainage should be based on the resistance of the trees to determine the order of drainage, can not "eyebrows beard grasp." In general, the less tolerant and fleshy root trees should be drained first, and the more resistant ones can be arranged later. The order of drainage must also be determined according to the environment in which the trees are planted. Planting in low-lying areas should be preceded by rows, higher-lying areas can be later; planting in prime sand or sandy loam can be carried out later; planting in clay or sticking The trees in the loam should be drained first.
When water is drained, the trees that are not seriously affected can be drained manually, and the water that is drained by pumps or other equipment can be drained if a large area is affected or the affected area is heavy.
Second, pruning is performed because the roots of eucalyptus trees have been damaged, affecting the absorption of water, and the transpiration of the above-ground part has not stopped. The purpose of pruning is to reduce the water consumption of the tree. The pruning is mainly based on thinning, sparse leaves and short cuts, and the amount of pruning can be determined depending on the tree vigor after being affected. The weaker the tree vigor is, the greater the amount of pruning is, and the less able to sprout trees is the shrub. It should be mentioned that the rainy season is not the best season for pruning. At this time pruning, the wounds are vulnerable to pests and diseases. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the cuts are smooth and smooth, minimizing damage to the bark surrounding the wound and preventing tearing. After trimming, large cuts should also be treated with paraffin or paint.
Third, appropriate shading and shade First, you can avoid strong light, prevent surface temperature rise is too high, and second, can effectively reduce the water evaporation of the tree. Therefore, it is very necessary to shave some flower shrubs that are not tolerant, such as Prunus triloba, Sorbaria, and Peach.
IV. Tree Trunking For some big trees with trunks that are not covered by shading, tangling is also an effective measure. Its role is to make the tree avoid direct sunlight and reduce moisture evaporation. It is best to use a straw rope to wrap dry materials. It is not only cheap, has good air permeability, but also has a strong water retention capacity. Drying height is generally 1/2 to 2/3 of the trunk height. The grass rope was sprayed in a timely manner after winding to make it wet.
V. After the cultivator loosens the soil, the surface soil should be dried slightly (not suitable for sticking iron hoe), and the cultivator should be cultivated in time. The purpose of the cultivator is to accelerate the evaporation of soil moisture, increase the permeability of the soil, and help restore the tree vigor. In addition, if there are too many hardened pavements around the damaged trees, the paved part should be removed in time to expand the breathing space of the roots of the trees, and it is also very beneficial to the evaporation of moisture in the soil around the trees.

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