Wheat rust prevention and control technology

Wheat rust has 3 kinds of rust, leaf rust and stalk rust. Occurrence of strip rust is the most serious hazard. If the temperature in winter is high, the rainfall in early spring from March to April is high, and if the humidity in the field is too high, rust is prone to occur.
First, the rational selection of rust-resistant varieties to prevent rust, a rational selection of rust-resistant varieties, is the most economical and effective measure, but also an important method of permanent cure. Because of the slower rate of replacement of rust-resistant varieties, based on the rational selection of rust-resistant varieties, spraying Shuofeng 481 or high-energy red potassium at the jointing stage of wheat and the heading stage of booting, respectively, can improve wheat disease resistance. Increase grain and gain weight.
Second, the scientific application of chemical agents in the jointing stage and the booting stage of the booting to spray 3 to 4 times to block the disease group (onset center) to prevent the spread of the disease. The main agent can use 25% of Puxing wettable powder or enemy force. In the severely warded areas, the method of unified prevention and control is adopted to reduce the amount of bacteria in the field and control the epidemic of diseases. Powder rust through or enemy force can prevent rust, but also can cure wheat powdery mildew, sheath blight, head blight and other wheat in late disease. If the occurrence of wheat head blight in the field is heavier, the combined effect of piodine and thiophanate-methyl may be better.

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