Wheel tractor should pay attention to the problem in use

(1) Less equipped drive belts: Small four-wheel tractors are equipped with three triangular drive belts, and some can only be used with one or two and three at the top. When the tractor is working, the load increases, which causes the transmission belt to seriously slip, which not only reduces the transmission efficiency, but also decreases the output power, and causes the belt to be heated and delaminated, deformed, and worn faster. Therefore, the transmission belt should not be subject to root work.
(2) Long-term non-cleaning cooling system: The tractor's water tank mouth is open upwards, and it will fall into dust when it is used and parked, sometimes it will be filled with dirty hard water, and the impurities in the water will precipitate. As time goes by, the dust and impurities will build up more and more. The formation of scale blocking waterways, affecting the engine cooling, so that the locomotive temperature, oil thinning, deterioration of the lubrication performance, accelerate the wear of each pair of sports, but also to expand the parts, affecting its technical performance, power drop, serious Caused accidents such as burning tiles, holding shafts and sticking cylinders.

(3) Random modification: Some drivers modified parts at will to destroy the mechanical properties of the original car. For example, in order to increase the driving speed, some drivers increase the diameter of the active pulley, which will cause the following hazards: 1 After the pulley is increased, the transmission ratio is changed, the clutch speed is increased, and the impact load is increased when the engine speed changes during operation. Increased torsional vibration, agreed to shorten the life of the clutch components. 2 The contact area between the belt and the wheel increases, easily causing the belt to break and accelerate the belt damage. 3 As the driving speed increases, the traction force is reduced, and dangers are easily caused during transportation and climbing. At the same time, the load of the locomotive increases, the temperature increases, the lubricating oil becomes thin, and the oil film is difficult to form, accelerating the wear of the crank connecting rod mechanism and various moving parts of the engine. 4 The maneuverability and stability of the tractor are damaged, and it is easy to cause early wear of parts of the braking system due to the failure of braking.

(4) Severe overloading: Some drivers, when overloaded during transport operations, overload the locomotive for a long time. The hazards are as follows: 1 After the locomotive is overloaded, the engine, transmission system and parts of the traveling part are subjected to increased pressure, and the locomotive temperature is increased. Raised, lubricating oil becomes thinner and lubricating performance decreases. 2 When an emergency situation is encountered, parking cannot be achieved within an effective distance, so that the braking distance can be lengthened and it is easy to cause accidents. 3 The fuel consumption increases, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke, and the combustion chamber is prone to carbon deposition, which accelerates the wear of pistons and cylinders.

(5) Traction and start: Some tractors are driven by tractors. Due to the large viscosity of the oil in the transmission and the oil pan, the locomotive's resistance to motion increases. When the clutch is fastened, the gears of the transmission are impacted. The role of the load, often using this method, will cause the gear to fracture due to fatigue failure, it is strictly forbidden to use this method to start the locomotive in cold weather.

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