Whole scorpion summer feeding management

1. In summer, Dianchi Lake should be cleaned once, and the bricks in the rearing pond are also cleaned and disinfected. The relative humidity of indoor air is maintained at about 75%, and the soil moisture content is 15% to 18%. Because the scorpion is starved for a long period of hibernation, the demand for food is particularly large. One adult scorpion eats more than two larvae of the mealworm at the same time. The first-time raisers often feed in large quantities at this time. The result is counter-productive and the scorpion satiate after eating. Bad, died of overeating within a few days. The correct method is: when the temperature is around 20 °C, it is not appropriate to eat, and the dumplings gradually emerged after each evening. When the temperature is around 25°C, a small amount of food is started, and as the temperature rises, the amount of food is increased. The standard of feeding is to find that there is a small amount of surplus food in the pool every morning. The feed is dominated by soft and juicy insects (such as yellow mealworms, earthworms, earthworms, etc.). 2. After each year of clearing and chilling at room temperature, the pupa are in normal growth and development, and the pupa is good or bad in the summer. This is especially critical. Because the breeding is good or bad, it is directly related to the year of birth and the survival rate, such as chronic malnutrition. The young and the young are mostly still or weak and young, and even serious ones cause miscarriage. 3. Each farmer should pay attention to strengthening the nutrition of the earthworms. Every day when they feed in the early evening, they should add animal feed, additives and antibacterial drugs to the feed. This way the scorpion grows fast after eating, the mortality rate of peeling is low, and the disease resistance is strong. 4. When temperatures reach above 32°C after entering July, there will be a small number of puerperal farrowings. The peak period of farrowing is generally from the end of July to the beginning of August, and the temperature is stable at 35-39°C. In order to increase the survival rate of larvae, the farmers should strictly press Technical operation to achieve the best economic benefits. Such as raising temperature, can breed all year round, and 2 times a year giving birth, conditional, the best constant temperature breeding.

Ya Pear is one of the ancient Chinese fruit varieties,Hebei Province is the main place of origin of ya pear in China. The pear fruit has a beautiful appearance, and the pear stem is protruding and  similar as a duck head, so it is called Ya pear.  Ya Pear with small nuclear and thin skin,taste crisp and juicy, sweet and sour moderate, is popular with people.   The harvest season of ya pear in August to September and the cold-storage time is October to May next year. If you want to a cheaper price to importing ya pear,you can choose the Fresh Ya Pear season and I will supply the ta pear with the best price and high quality.

Type: Ya pear

Style: Fresh

Size: 24#/36#/40#/44#/48#/72#/80#

Grade: Class A

Package: 4kg to 18kg,according to your requirements

Place of origin: Heibei province
Taste: Sweet and juicy,Crisy

Color: light yellow

Harvest time: August to September

Supplying time: August to May next year

payment: TT/LC/Flexible payment term

Crop: 2018 year 

Ya Pear PackingYa Pear 17

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