Why eat less at dinner?

As the saying goes, "One less meal, you can live 99." That is to say, people should not have too much dinner so as not to affect their health and longevity.

However, in real life, many people do the opposite. The dinner was very well arranged and refused to stop until it was full. The physiological changes caused by this diet are first of all fat. Human trials have shown that eating 2,000 calories per day for breakfast does not have a significant impact on body weight; while eating the same amount of food at dinner, weight will increase significantly. Others have done the following interesting experiments: Two groups of people with basically the same conditions eat the same food. One group eats at 7 o'clock in the morning and the other group eats at 5:30 in the evening. meal). As a result, people who ate in the morning gradually lost weight, while people who ate at night gradually gained weight. This means that for weight, "when it's more important to eat than what to eat." Why is this? The various physiological functions and metabolic changes in the human body have a biological rhythm like their internal circadian rhythms. In general, basal metabolism is higher in the afternoon than in the morning (such as body temperature that is higher than the morning in the afternoon; excitatory night in the vagus nerve Relatively higher than during the day, the vagus nerve is the nerve that controls the secretion of the pancreas, its excitement promotes the pancreatic secretion, various levels of digestive enzymes increase, the body's ability to digest and absorb food is also strengthened, dinner is full, blood sugar, blood amino acids and fats Concentration will increase, while stimulating a large number of insulin secretion, in order to reduce blood glucose concentrations, and stimulate fat synthesis.Furthermore, night activities decreased, "night swim" insulin accelerated fat conversion, and finally make people become bloated.

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