Why is the starter a vegetable temperature regulator?

The cultivation of winter vegetables is faced with great challenges. Insulation work is particularly important. If the protection is not good, some plants may freeze to death. Generally, measures such as greenhouses and heat lamps are used, but they consume electricity and have high costs. Some starter products bring good news. Such as the greenhouse heating agent can be incubated during the fermentation process, also known as "natural" heating method. The so-called natural heating is not just an increase in temperature for no apparent reason, but due to the hard work of the unsung hero, this hero is a greenhouse warmer.

The specific method is: in the preparation of soil, for crops or for seedbeds, fill the soil with cow dung, pig dung, fresh garbage, manure, and crushed straw and straw, and then add appropriate starter, and finally fill the vegetable garden soil. The microorganisms in the starter can work with the raw materials. These raw materials can slowly release the heat and gradually increase the temperature of the soil and air to ensure the normal growth of the plant.

A large number of experiments have proved that this method has good results in the early cultivation of fruit vegetables and winter vegetables such as leeks and leeks. These raw materials are fermented and decomposed by actinomycetes, yeasts, filamentous fungi and other functional microorganisms in the fermentation aids. With a series of complicated biochemical reaction processes, they can slowly release heat and gradually increase the temperature of the soil and air to ensure the plants. The normal growth; also produced a large number of enzymes, humic acid and metabolites of functional microorganisms, these substances can loosen the soil, inhibit harmful bacteria, stimulate the development of the root system, and some can also convert the ineffective nitrogen in the air into absorbable The effective nitrogen will activate the invalid phosphorus and potassium elements in the ground as active phosphorus and potassium nutrients for crop absorption, thereby promoting the healthy development and growth of crops. This working principle is the same as the principle of using a fermentation bed fermentation agent to make a pig-sludge fermentation bed to keep warming and deodorizing and producing fertilizer.

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