Why Miao Zhuang Zhuang Can Improve Transplantation Survival Rate

Root Miao Zhuang Why can improve the survival rate of transplanting Vegetable flowers and seedlings transplanting, fast growth root is the key. Natural regeneration alone is far from the requirements. Plant growth regulators—rooting agents—must be used manually to promote the rapid rooting and growth of plants, increase survival of transplants, and promote rapid growth. There are many types of rooting agents on the market, but the effects are uneven. From the point of view of technology, efficacy, brand, etc., Treasure Rooting Agent is the best in its class! Jinbao root seedlings can control the whole process of plant growth, development, rooting, growth, flowering and results. Compared with similar products, Jinbao root seedling has the following unique features:
(1) Jinbao root Miao Zhuang is a microbial preparation. Its effective functional bacteria content is extremely high. It is several times or even several times that of similar products on the market, and the price is equivalent to other products.
(2) Gold treasure root root strong effective function of high microbial content. Therefore, its metabolites are numerous, its function is strong, and it can promote rooting of plants quickly and effectively, and its function is long-lasting.
(3) Compared with other similar products, the biggest advantage of Jinbao root seedlings is simple and convenient operation. Save time and save labor. Everyone will operate. So if you use a rooting agent, then Jinbao root is your first choice, and it is the best choice!

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