Wide range of uses for industrial chillers

Wide range of uses for industrial chillers

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Zui often listens to friends complaining that the old machine is malfunctioning. I don’t know if he suspects his equipment problem, but what makes me stunned is that he uses foreign European equipment. It is reasonable to say that it will not be more problematic than domestic equipment. I went to other friends on the weekend and went to his company to be a guest. When you talked about the topic, you ran away from the topic. What topic, hot news, and military were all pulled out. At the end, I still care about my friend’s business. My friend’s brow wrinkles. It’s hard to say that under the temptation of all of us, he can’t confess that Zui has been close to the Middle East. It has not been processed, the contract period is coming, and most of the goods are still on the production list. We have also pinched it for him. Khan, chatting with him to the workshop to see what happened, the workers sweated, and kept working, watching this scene, very moved, I looked at the equipment, is the production of handbags, packaging equipment, there are also production The packaging of the foam, the equipment does not stop, but always give the production supervisor a little trouble, after the equipment works for two or three hours, it is inexplicable alarm, I don't know why, look at the code, overload, we really don't understand, the machine Transport Well, suddenly I got an alarm. After another half a hour, the big guy stopped working. The people present were all face to face, including several engineers. There was no way. We went to the main shooting machine and suddenly felt The heat wave came to me, and suddenly I felt the workshop was like a steaming cage. I asked my friends about the situation. Zui was hot in the near future. I always had this problem. I stopped the machine and started it. I burned 3000 at a time. I really felt a little scared for him. Fortunately, a friend reminded me that you were not doing industrial refrigeration equipment before. I said yes, I will understand what happened right now. After everyone’s efforts, I am from another one. A better friend transferred a 10HP fan because it was not determined whether the guy was effective or not. Naturally, there was no budget for water cooling. When our masters connected the cold water to the main mold processing and heat source, the other two rollers were also connected. Cold water, huh, everyone understands the previous things. At present, my friends have been using them. Other machines are also planning to add freezing equipment. For me, I accidentally witnessed the magic of the chiller, especially when summer comes. Xi Shi Everyone's equipment can work very well. It doesn't take into account the chiller. It not only reduces the heat source of the equipment, but also reduces the heat wave in the workshop, giving the workers a good working environment. It also reduces the production cost and maintenance cost. I hope that our peers in the equipment will explore the field of development and find a unique way out for their products. I used to do refrigeration equipment, which is basically used in injection molding machines, CNC machining, electroplating production lines, etc. I have never heard of it. Foam bags are also useful. In addition, I hope my colleagues can talk to friends more. Customers can become friends. Friends can bring customers to you. This world does not say that it is your customer to sell things. Thank you, if If there are other things that need to be exchanged, you can also give me advice and work together to improve the industrial solution.

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Spray Adjuvant we also name it silicone sticker or silicone fluide. 

It is a special non ionic modified surfactant. it is a special high efficiency adjuvant. Wirth adhesive force and penetration on the surface of plant, which greatly reduce the surface tension, greatly improve the fast acting and control efficiency effect of pesticide. 

Which as be use a tank mix adjuvant. 

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Spray adjuvant

Spray Adjuvant

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