Winter tricks to trap yellow locust

Huang Qi’s winter listing price is several times that of summer, so now is the best time for Huang Qi’s listing. It is very difficult to catch jaundice in the winter. Most farmers adopt the method of dredging and scooping in the whole pond. This type of grazing method has high labor intensity, jaundice is easily damaged, and the catching process takes a long time, and it also destroys the locusts. The ecological structure of the pool carriers is detrimental to the second year of production. Here are two quick and safe trapping methods for your reference.

Grass mat trapping method. Prepare for decoys before draining water. Thicker new grass mats or grass bags are soaked in 5% lime solution for 24 hours and then allowed to stand for 2 days before being left to stand. Lay the grass mats on the bottom of the mud ditches in Dianchi, spread a straw (or wheat straw) about 5 cm thick on the grass mats, spread a second layer of grass mats on the straw, and spread a thick layer on the mats. About 10 cm of dry straw. When the water temperature drops below l3°C, gradually drain water to a depth of 6 to 10 cm. When the water temperature drops to 8°C to 10°C, add a layer of straw about 20 cm thick above the mud trench; when the water temperature drops again When completely dry the pool water. At this time, due to the "inversion layer effect" of the straw layer, the temperature is higher than the temperature of the mud layer, and the muddy mud is exposed to the cold air for a long time, which can effectively introduce the jaundice under the grass pad and two layers. Between grass mats.

Note: 1 This method can ensure long-term survival of Astragalus membranaceus between the mud and grass mats and will not escape, if you need to maintain to the severe winter season, it should be further covered by the insulation insulation insulation. 2 When you receive the Astragalus, do not remove the straw at one time. Place a plastic film next to it and then remove the hay. When uncovering the grass, if there are more Tibetan mastiffs in the wet grass, the wet grass can be lifted together with the grass mat to the plastic film for cleaning. This method is very effective and suitable for large-scale fishing.

Fermentation pit trapping method. Dig a 30-cm-deep earth pit in the corner of the pool beforehand, and put a proper amount of fermented straw in the pit.

Method: Disinfect the alkali-treated semi-dried rice straw and mix it with starch binder (it can also be replaced with rice soup) to spread evenly. After 1 to 2 hours, the fermented yeast ingredients (breweries: 20% wheat bran, 30% dry cow dung, 30% mealworm grains, 20% lees) are mixed well and mixed, and then sprinkled in the straw. While using a twist, the leavening ingredients can evenly adhere to the straw. The above straw is filled into the pit, gradually placed in the pool water, and then covered with a thick layer of dry straw. In this way, the straw in the pit will generate a lot of heat within a few days. In order to make the straw slowly ferment and control the temperature (generally higher than the temperature below the mud, it is best not to exceed 15 °C, if the temperature has reached 15 °C, the straw temperature can be higher than the temperature of 2 °C ~ 3 °C), temperature When the height is high, the dry straw covering the surface can be removed. When the temperature is too low, some dry straw can be added.

Matters needing attention: 1 when picking, just take out a part of the straw in the pit to get a batch of jaundice. This method is more flexible and easier, and it can be used repeatedly in winter. 2 The conditional one can put a self-controlled electric heater in the straw, and the effect is better. The heater can also be directly connected to the water to induce heating, the effect is very good.

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