Winter use and maintenance of tractors

In winter, the temperature is low, the cooling water is in danger of freezing, and the concentration of fuel oil and lubricating oil is large. It is difficult to start and lubricate. In the winter, special attention should be paid to the following issues: 1. Technical maintenance must be performed before winter to ensure heat dissipation. Smooth water pipes. Engine, gearbox, and rear axle housings are used to replace lubricants for winter use. 2. Before the engine is started, heat the water to warm up the engine until the body discharge valve flows out of hot water. Close the drain valve and start the engine. Third, after the engine stops working, all the cooling water will be discharged to avoid freezing the body. Antifreeze can also be added to the cooling system. 4. When the tractor is finished, it should be parked in a shelter that is sheltered from wind and warm. If placed in the open; the battery should be removed to prevent freezing. China Agricultural Network Editor