Yellow mosaic can be poured fertilizer water

Potted southern flowers in the northern regions often show yellowing, falling, and poor growth. At this point, you can make your own fertilizer. After fermented black glutinous and fat, it can produce iron compounds that can be absorbed by flowers, which is conducive to the growth of flowers.

The method for making pots and fertilizers is to add water by using black wolfberry (ferrous sulphate), manure (poultry, human feces), cake fat (cotton cake, bean cake, and rape cake) in a ratio of 1:3:5:100. Prepare the fermentation, and it takes three months for the winter time. When using, take the above clarifying liquid, and then watering more than 95% of the water, and apply it once every 10-15 days, and stop the application during the flower dormancy period. The better the water, the better, if you can store more than two years.

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