Yellow-throated turtle

English name: Asian Yellow Pond Turtle
Common name: Stone turtle, water turtle, yellow turtle, incense turtle production and production period:
In China, it is mainly distributed in Anhui, Fujian, Taiwan, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hainan and Hong Kong. In foreign countries, it is mainly distributed in Vietnam and other countries.
The head is small, the top step is smooth, and the upper eyelids are in the middle of the depression. The tympanic membrane is clear. There are two yellow lines behind the eyes of the head, and the throat is yellow. The carapace is flat, the central coronal is obvious, and the trailing edge is slightly jagged. Carapace brown or tan, acetabular front flat, deep after the lack of engraved, plastron yellow, each piece of scutellum stains on the outside of the big ink, a bridge is obvious, back and abdomen by a ligament connected. Limbs are flat, fingers and toes have ridges, fingers and toes end with claws, and tails are short.

Male and female identification: Males have a body weight of 600 grams and are mature. The longer the carapace is, the more the abdomen is depressed, the more obvious the individual's sag is, the longer the tail, and the farther away from the posterior edge of the plastron. Females weigh 750 grams and are sexually mature. The carapace is short, flat, and short.