Zero discharge pig knowledge (1)

The issue of pollutants in intensive and scale livestock and poultry farms mentioned the important agenda, adopting different technology models, taking into account environmental and economic benefits, improving the investment return rate of projects, and solving environmental pollution at a lower cost. The healthy development of a new ecological farming model.
At present, there are several models such as the standard emission model, the balance of planting and breeding, and the biogas ecological model. No matter which model or large investment, high operating costs, low economic efficiency, high technical requirements for operators; or need to support a large area of ​​land to absorb pig manure water, and when manure application by cropland, crop varieties, manure consumption Limitations may pollute underground water, the atmosphere and many other deficiencies. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find a more ideal, to eliminate waste pollution treatment technology from the source, and to achieve a pollution-free ecological pig breeding mode.

As early as the 1960s, Japan raised the issue of "public health of livestock products." And in the country, it vigorously promotes the “zero emission pig raising technology in the Luodong Biological Fermentation House”. After fermentation of the beneficial microorganisms of the pig manure, it is fully decomposed and transformed to achieve the purpose of being odorless, tasteless, and harmless. A new type of non-polluting, non-discharged, odorless new-type pig maintenance technology has achieved good ecological and economic benefits.

Chapter One Concept

The zero-drain pig-raising method in the Luodong Biological Fermentation House puts a mixture of a certain thickness of chaff, sawdust, and “Nongdong Feed Additive” in a variety of pig herds, such as nursery and medium-sized pigs. The pigs are kept on top of them. The excreted urine is rapidly degraded and digested by the microorganisms in the pig shed by fermentation, so as to achieve zero-flushing of the porcine bar, zero emissions, and the source of environmental protection and pollution-free breeding. Has the following unique advantages.

1. Thoroughly solve the pollution of pigs to the environment By adopting Luodong Biofermentation Zero-emission pig rearing technology, the organic litter contains special active beneficial microorganisms that can rapidly and effectively degrade and digest pig excreta and fecal waste. It is not necessary to clean the pig bar every day and rinse the barn. Therefore, there is no need to flush the sewage of the pens, so that no waste is discharged from the pig farm and the goal of zero discharge of pigs is achieved.

2. Improve the environment of the piggery The pig farm is fully open, so that the pig house is ventilated, airy, sunny, and the temperature and humidity are suitable for pig growth. Pig manure urine is quickly decomposed under the "Luodong Feed Additive", and there is no odor and fly breeding in the pig house.

3. Improve feed utilization Add feed additives to feed in a certain proportion, can interact to produce metabolic substances and amylase, protease, fiber enzymes, etc., while also consume the oxygen in the intestine, to create a reproduction of lactic acid bacteria A good growing environment, improving the intestinal function of pigs and increasing the conversion rate of feed can generally save about 10% of feed.

4. Improve pork quality Pigs are very comfortable on the litter and have a large amount of pig activity. The pigs are healthy and healthy, almost no pig disease occurs, and almost no antibiotics are used to improve the quality of pork and produce real organic pork.

5. Turn waste into treasure After being used for one and a half years, the bio-organic fertilizer that can be directly used for fruit trees and crops is formed, and the effect of recycling and turning waste into treasure is achieved.

6. Work-saving, efficiency-enhancing The Luodong-style bio-fermentation pig raising technology eliminates the need for flushing pigs with water, eliminating the need to remove pig manure every day, and has achieved many advantages such as automatic feeding and automatic drinking water technology. The purpose of this section. It can save more than 90% of water. Applying this technology in large-scale pig farms has very obvious economic benefits.

In short, the zero-emission pig raising technology in the Luodong Biological Fermentation House is a pollution-free, zero-emission, environmentally friendly agricultural technology. It is a revolution in the traditional pig mode.

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