Zucchini grows stronger than hormones alone

Zucchini has a well-developed root system. After prosperous growth, it is easy to cause the trees not to melon or to melon after sitting melon, especially in the early stage of plant growth. In this case, many vegetable farmers rely on hormones for control, and the more potent pharmaceuticals are loved by vegetable growers, so using hormones to control the growth of zucchini has become a “killer” for vegetable farmers.

On January 24th, the reporter visited the Zucchini planting area in Heguan Town, Qingzhou City and discovered that due to overuse of hormones by vegetable farmers, the zucchini leaves in the greenhouse showed a “chicken claw” shape, and even the “headless” phenomenon was widespread. Suppression of the growth of summer squash greatly reduced the yield of summer squash. To this end, the reporter reminded the zucchini growers: The use of hormones to regulate the growth of zucchini is feasible, but not too dependent. To cultivate zucchini strong trees, in accordance with the growth habits of zucchini, regulate the good temperature, timely and appropriate amount of fertilizer and watering, in order to control and prosper.

First of all, temperature management is the first element of control. The squash squash was suitable for the early day growth and development temperature 18-22 °C, night temperature 8-10 °C. If the daytime temperature is higher than 25°C, photosynthetic products will accumulate less and consume more, and the zucchini will prosper. Therefore, under the circumstances that the temperature during the planting period of autumnal delay or overwintering and wintering of zucchini is still high, temperature management should be carried out on the management rather than warming and promoting trees. The temperature control measure is to enhance ventilation, and do not close the front vent outlet prematurely.

Second, avoid excessive soil moisture. After the jujube has been planted and cultivated, the management should be based on controlling water and promoting the root. If the soil is not too dry, do not rush to water before the result. Of course, if the plant is short of wilting, it should be poured out of small water to ensure the normal growth of plants, must not flood irrigation, resulting in plant growth. At the same time, the first amount of water of the Zucchini root can not be too large. If it is too large, it will cause the melon to grow, which in turn will lead to plant growth. In order to promote the smooth progress of reproductive growth, water can be poured by pouring small water.

In addition, the late nitrogen control potassium. After the zucchini enters the nectar period, the amount of potash required is large, and therefore the use of high-potassium fertilizers should also be taken into account during rations. Excessive use of high-nitrogen fertilizers should not be used to avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizers and cause plant growth. Of course, if the zucchini is planted too early, if the temperature is too high in the early stage, hormones may be used to regulate it, but it should not be used excessively. In particular, paclobutrazol should not be used repeatedly. In general, 5-7 days after the seedlings of the summer squash are sprayed with 15% paclobutrazol for 1500 times, but do not spray the growth points to regulate the growth of the plants.


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